Group Purchasing

At Crop Advisors we offer a very personal service and take great pride in caring about each farms individual needs.

The quality and labels are checked


  • We source all agrochemicals required for arable, fruit and field vegetable producers
  • We carry out comprehensive product cost evaluation by active ingredients within straights and co-formulations
  • The quality and labels are checked
  • Deferred payment is available
  • We forward plan and purchase when necessary to avoid price increases and supply problems


  • All straights, liquids, blends and compounds are evaluated
  • These are considered in terms of cost, quality and spread ability
  • We can arrange special deliveries, credit/cash flow arrangements
  • Bespoke blends can be sourced
  • Continual monitoring of market prices and availability against individual requirements

Bespoke blends can be sourced

Quality and specification are checked


  • All major national and local seed merchants are asked to tender
  • Quality and specification are checked
  • Seed varieties assessed covering all aspects of arable cropping including maize, grass, forage crops and environmental mixtures
  • Yield, quality, cutting and grazing performance analysed using independent trials

Financial Savings

The purchasing power of the group is substantial. Taking the variable inputs of large arable farms, it is not too difficult for a saving to be offered to a farm business of between 10%-25% on annual purchases.

The Crop Advisors Process

Agronomists recommendation Requirement
Received Via phone or email from farmer or agronomist
Order placed with merchants and farmer sent confirmation Ordered
Delivered Default 48hrs
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